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Learn How To Decompile an APK File And Add Some Of Our Own Code To That APK. A Demo Of Decompiling Twitter APK To Get Twitter Username & Passwoed

In this post you will learn how to decompile an apk file and understand its code and add some of your code to that apk. In this post i am sharing a link of youtube playlist which will demonstrate how to decompile a Twitter apk and understand its code, to inject our own code and get the username and password of the user.
For this you will require Apktool jar, Procyon decompiler.
After downloading it follow below steps
1. Download Linux wrapper.
2. Rename downloaded jar to apktool.jar
5. Move both files (apktool.jar & apktool wrapper) to /usr/local/bin (root needed)
6. Make sure both files are executable (chmod +x)

After this just goto the youtube playlist link

The most Important part of this post is how to understand the decompiled code of apk and adding our own code to that apk file and compile it again.