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Recovering/Retriving Data From Deleted Partition Using TestDisk

In this post, I'll show you how to recover data from a deleted partition on the hard disk. Recently I was formatting my computer and accidently I cleaned the complete disk using Diskpart utility so my all partitions were deleted and the complete hard disk was made into 500GB single unallocated space. So to recover the data on the hard disk I used a free and open source(blog on OpenSource) data recovery utility named Testdisk. This is a small software which is easy to use and powerful to recover the data. Now let's see how to use it:
1.Download Testdisk from here.
2. Unzip it, open the terminal and cd to testdisk-7.0/ folder.
3. Now type the command
    > sudo ./testdisk on Mac OS (sudo is must because it requires root privileges)
    > sudo ./testdisk_static on Ubuntu.

after this tesdisk will start and show something like below. 4. Select create and press enter.(use up and down arrow key to move between options and enter key to select) Now I am selecting my 8GB U…